Five Ways Gratitude Can Boost your Career and Life

Author: Mark Danaher

Five Ways Gratitude Can Boost your Career and Life


One of our most positive and compelling emotions is gratitude. Even though it is a physically and mentally healthy practice that we can quickly cultivate on our own, it is an emotion that many of us rarely experience. Many people get so caught up in the daily grind and the stress of everyday life that they forget to practice gratitude.

Expressing gratitude is incredibly beneficial. Luckily it is becoming a more prevalent part of our cultural paradigm, and many more of us have started to adopt this valuable practice.

Scientific Benefits of Gratitude

If you have not yet tried it, a little science will undoubtedly motivate you. A study by The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California at Berkeley found that gratitude has many benefits, including better physical and psychological health, increased happiness, life satisfaction, decreased materialism, and optimism. It is an emotion that allows us to slow down and reflect, which helps us see different perspectives and recognize new ideas.

Expressing gratitude is one of the easiest ways to boost your happiness and attract good opportunities. Showing gratitude does not only have to be limited to your personal life; it can also be practiced in the workplace to help you boost your career, and find your professional place in the Sun – a dream job.

To attract the right opportunities and good things in your life and career, you must watch the vibes you are sending. What you put out there usually returns to you, which means that you should think about the energy you are emitting. There is no better way to cultivate positive energy than with gratitude. Possibilities are endless, and opportunities are all around you. To attract them, you must let positive thoughts guide you.

Suppose you cultivate gratitude and make it your everyday routine. In that case, you will soon notice that this is a powerful emotion that enriches your overall experience – both personal and professional. An interesting thing about gratitude is that it works instantly. It also has a lasting impact on your life and job satisfaction.

For those still unconvinced, I will list five significant reasons why appreciating the little things and blessings can boost your career and make you generally happier.  

You will learn essential things about yourself

Even if you are working a dead-end job that brings you little satisfaction, you can turn this to your advantage with gratitude. Every experience is a valuable learning opportunity. You will gain knowledge about what you like and enjoy, what sort of work environment you want to thrive in, and the structure you need. Once you learn that, it will be a lot easier to find your true passion.

You will gain experience and build your skillset

There are great jobs, and there are dead-end, soul-sucking, low-paying jobs. But there is no job where you will not learn something about your own values and preferences. No matter how small or insignificant it seems, every position brings you new knowledge that you can use later.

Even when you feel like you are stuck and not progressing, you are still learning competencies essential for every imaginable environment such as working with difficult people and building resilience.

Remember to appreciate where you are, even if it is not your dream place to be now. It will undoubtedly help you get there.

You will make valuable connections and expand your network

Your network is one of the most valuable assets in your professional life because it will help you in every stage of your career, whether you want to progress in your current job or start your own business.

The people you have collaborated with – colleagues, clients, bosses – could help you thrive professionally. So, do not evaluate your career based on mere achievements and successful projects. Mind all of the relationships you’re building and be grateful for the people every job opportunity has brought to you.

You will enjoy the present moment and experience less stress

It is easy to get caught up in daily to-do lists and plans. But you know that no matter how much you plan and how much you work, the future is always uncertain. Appreciate who you are and where you are right now and build on it.

Taking the time to reflect and be grateful for what you have helps you stay present and calms the mind. Practicing mindfulness is a great way to accomplish this. Focus on what you have right now and on what you can hold onto. Maybe it is not exactly what you wanted, but you worked hard to get this far. It will pay off for you.

You will become mentally stronger

This benefit is backed up by science. Several studies have found that gratitude reduces stress and plays a significant role in overcoming hardships and trauma, increasing your mental strength.

You need a robust and resilient mind to achieve your professional dreams. There will be ups and downs. But taking the time to be grateful that you are still alive and kicking, fighting for your goals and happiness, will give you an incredible boost to keep going.

Recognizing your valuable qualities, even during the most challenging times of your life, is one of the most critical strengths a human can have.

It takes only a few minutes to cultivate gratitude. Everyone can focus on the good instead of the bad or unreachable; a simple deep breath and saying “thank you” is all it takes.