Finding Your Career Purpose

Author: Mark Danaher

Finding Your Career Purpose

Career Purpose

Sometimes your current job is not in sync with your life’s ambitions. You spend a lot of your life at the workplace – and this can lead you to consider whether what you are doing is satisfying, meaningful, or rewarding. Occasionally, you find yourself amid a mid-career crisis, asking yourself, “Does my career really have a purpose?”.

4 Things You Can Do To Find Your Career Purpose

Are you experiencing a mid-career purpose crisis? It is nothing uncommon. Once you have broken past the initiation stages of your career, you may start to wonder if you are feeling fulfilled. You will think about whether your path is leading to a greater purpose. This may lead you to consider what you can do to find your career purpose. Here are a few ideas on how to find fulfillment in your life.

1. Explore what sparks passion in your life.

Traditionally, what you do in your career connects with your personal identity. In the modern world, nobody should be expected to be passionate about their jobs. However, when it comes to finding a career purpose, discovering passions certainly helps to define it. Reflect on what drives you and consider how you could move to a career that synchronizes with your ultimate goals.

2. Look for career opportunities that incorporate elements that you are passionate about.

It is important to remember that small steps are the best course of action when finding your career purpose. This means finding career opportunities that adopt elements of your passions – a job you can build upon. There are some significant aspects to consider in your search. First, you should enjoy the work. Then investigate whether the reward offers a more comfortable lifestyle and whether it coincides with your passions.

3. Try and seek roles in companies that have an impactful culture.

It is becoming more prevalent today that organizations seek to have a more profound effect on their communities and not just to turn a profit. It may be a challenge to find work at a company that promotes community development, but it is worth your effort to find your career purpose. Persons tend to feel the most fulfilled when they know their work has a positive impact.

4. Use your career experience to help the community.

Even if you do not want to make any radical career changes, you can still use your existing circumstances to find your purpose. You may feel that your career experience is mundane, or that your passion skills are unmarketable. This is simply not the case. The knowledge gained from your career path can impact the community – from teaching young persons or bridging a skill gap. There are plenty of ways to help your community, and they can vastly help you discover your career purpose!

Finding Your Purpose Mid-Career Can Be Challenging, But It’s Definitely Not Impossible!

The train of thought leading up to your mid-career crisis can be overwhelming. It is hard to think about your career purpose, let alone pursue it. But the steps above can help you calm the storm inside your head. In the end, everything you do has some meaning – you will have to refine it a little to find your ultimate career purpose.