Finding the Right Travel Companion

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Finding the Right Travel Companion

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The Galapagos, Paris, Hong Kong, Alaska – there are so many places around the globe just calling our names. Nothing beats the sense of freedom and adventure you get from arriving in a new state or country and exploring all it has to offer. Traveling expands our knowledge and understanding of all the cultures that make up this fascinating world. But traveling can also fall short of spectacular if you do not have the right person by your side.

Here at Stitch we have been receiving more and more requests for travel partners, and we have found that three very important aspects keep coming up when looking for the right travel companion: same budget, same energy, same places. Allow us to explain:

1. Same Budget

In this day and age, traveling can be quite expensive. Of course, there are plenty of good deals out there. Trouble is, when venturing out with a partner, you may not have the same financial mindset. Tension could emerge and you might very well find yourself in the middle of Rome trapped in a sticky situation with no place to sleep (yes, it has happened before). Yet, if a budget had been set beforehand, this all could have been avoided. No matter the destination, it is crucial that you and your future travel partner discuss how much you would like to spend before embarking on your adventure. That way, neither you nor your companion will be caught off guard during your travels, and you can continue to enjoy your days without any financial hurdles getting in your way. It is important to note, however, that it is just as vital to discuss how you would like to spend your money. While your partner may prefer to stay in a luxurious hotel room and keep a tight budget on food, you may look forward to eating at the local five-star restaurants and sleeping in an inexpensive bed and breakfast. Regardless, we advise that you each make a list of your priorities – what are you willing to spend the most money on? The least? You and your travel partner should compare lists and see if they match up.

2. Same Energy

Energy can make or break a trip. Because you will be spending an extended amount of time with another person, it is critical that you have similar energy levels –  both mentally and physically. When looking for your travel companion, make sure to find someone who is willing to engage in the activities you enjoy.  Your partner should be eager to accomplish the same tasks as you, whether that’s hiking to Machu Picchu or simply riding along Route 66.

While your partner may be willing to walk miles through Yellowstone National Park, is he or she able? In order to make a trip carefree and successful, you and your travel buddy must have the same physical capabilities. When planning your travels, make sure to converse about the transportation you will take from location to location. Do you want to take a boat? Fly? Drive? When inside the city, would you rather take taxis, rent a car, or walk? What is your desired mode of transportation? You and your travel partner should have similar preferences.

3. Same Places

Seems like an easy one, but this topic is so often overlooked. No doubt, travel companions should always be interested in the same places. If your heart is set on traveling to Europe, but your friend would rather set out in an RV across the country, chances are you will continue to have differing opinions throughout your trip, wherever you end up. However, even if you and your travel partner do agree on the destination, what locations within the city do you enjoy? You might be apt to choose the museum over the local nature walk, whereas your companion would rather do anything else than spend even an hour at the museum. If given one day to do anything, how would your potential travel partner spend it? Ask him or her. If you and your companion have the same likes and dislikes in regards to the three topics above, you are ready to go! You will most definitely have a carefree, exciting trip. Of course, we want you to not only have the best travel days of your life but also the safest, so we have one more bonus topic for you to consider: privacy. Make sure you and your travel partner have the same ideas of privacy. Are you both willing to share a bathroom? Do you feel comfortable sharing a room with him or her? Take these into account before jetting off to your next adventure.

Needless to say, finding the right travel companion can be a difficult feat, but certainly not an impossible one. Perhaps you wish to expand your horizons and find a new traveling partner or maybe your friends simply do not understand your traveling technique. Whatever the case, we are more than happy to help. Stitch can match you up with your compatible travel partner in your area. We encourage you to set up a profile with us at Stitch and make sure to outline your preferences, no matter what they may be. Who knows, your compatible travel partner could be waiting just around the corner!

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