Finding Love Over 50

Author: AB Staff

Finding Love Over 50


his article is part of our “Speaking from Experience” series, which features Stitch members giving their advice on a range of topics from romance through to companionship and everything in between. This month’s article is from longtime Stitch member and Community Champion David, who has been kind enough to share his advice on finding love over 50. Take it away David!

Stitch Member David

Have you joined the Stitch revolution yet?

Computers and the Internet have changed our social structure as surely as the automobile changed transportation. Below I’ll argue that Membership in Stitch puts over-50 seniors at the leading edge of a 21st-century cultural revolution. Simply put, no matter who or where you are in the English-speaking world, there’s no longer any excuse for being lonely or alone.

Reach out and love someone

Love is a many-splendored thing, which means it comes in many forms. From friendship to affection to head-over-heels, humans function best when we operate from love. Here at Stitch, love is as close as your fingertips. Let your fingers do the screening while you relax at home.

Enhance your chance for romance

How does a musician make it to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. How do caring seniors find someone to love? Same way.

The love you take is equal to the love you make. If love is like a muscle we must exercise it daily to keep our love-ability strong. Stitch gives us the opportunity to love far-away people as practice for the love we hope to find next door.

Exercise your love capacity

Use it or loose it – we must love to be loved. Stitch is the place for senior love online. Here you’ll find a community of support and understanding as well as Individual Profiles for review and potential connection.

Put the love-odds in your favor

We all want that certain someone who makes us feel “complete.” How many people on your block or street can do this? How many in your neighborhood, city or town? And how will you meet them to find out if they qualify?

By using 21st-century technologies like texting, photo-sharing and nationwide telephone-calling, Stitch helps enlarge our field of possible friendships beyond our local environment. But can digital cyber-relationships be productive, genuine or real? You bet they can.

What is required today is no longer an expansion of technology, but an expansion of our mind. The way individuals interact with the world has changed, and so should we.

Mental teleportation

We still don’t have machines to teleport our bodies, but we can, in fact, teleport our mind. I don’t know about you, but the older I become the more I rely upon thought to keep me happy and engaged.

Here’s my advice, and the point of this blog. When you come to Stitch — I hope you do — throw away all expectation of meeting your ideal companion. Instead, engage the very real people you’ll encounter at the site and practice loving a select few as best you are able. A friendship here, a heart-flutter there, a mentoring or care-giving somewhere else.

Everyone knows romantic love arrives unannounced in unexpected ways. Stitch is a cyber-community. Get involved, be yourself, engage but don’t pursue — just as you would in your local community. Love may tap your cyber-shoulder when you least expect it!

It happened to me.

Stitch Member since 2015

Stay tuned for more upcoming articles from Stitch members in the “Speaking from Experience” series. If you are a Stitch member who would like to share your story or advice on the Stitch blog as part of this series, please let us know. And of course, if you’re not already a member of the Stitch community, what are you waiting for? Sign up here today!