Finding a Lasting Romantic Partner

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Finding a Lasting Romantic Partner


Finding a lasting romantic partner has always been a challenge, but according to Paul C Brunson, author of “Find Love,” the current landscape is trickier than ever before. In this interview with David Robson, Brunson explores how cultural and technological shifts are impacting our approach to dating and relationships.

While technology offers a wider pool of potential partners, Brunson argues it’s also altered our overall attitude. Dating apps provide a buffet of options, potentially leading us to prioritize quantity over quality connections. Further complicating matters is the sheer number of “acceptable” relationship models today.

Additionally, monogamy, polyamory, cohabitation – the sheer variety can make it difficult to find someone who aligns with your long-term goals. Our expectations of partners have also ballooned. Traditionally, partners might have been chosen for practical reasons like raising children or managing a farm.

Today, however, we seek someone who fulfills a multitude of roles – intellectual companion, supportive business partner, and ideal co-parent. Brunson emphasizes the importance of managing these expectations.

The generational shift also plays a part. Brunson highlights a fascinating finding from Tinder’s research: Gen Z prioritizes authenticity over physical attraction when seeking a second date. This marks a significant change from previous generations, where physical appearance reigned supreme.

While technology expands our dating pool, it also broadens the definition of successful relationships. This complexity can make finding a long-term partner more challenging. However, a focus on genuine connections and realistic expectations can still lead to lasting love in the modern world.

To help you navigate this changing landscape successfully, here are some expert advice.

Know What You Want: With so many relationship models, get clear on your own long-term goals. Do you crave a monogamous partnership, or are you open to exploring alternative structures? Understanding your desires helps you filter potential partners seeking similar things.

Quality Over Quantity: Don’t get caught in the app trap of endless swiping. Focus on cultivating deeper connections with a few matches instead of constantly chasing the next option. Prioritize meaningful conversations and shared interests over simply adding to your match list.

Embrace Authenticity: Be genuine in your interactions. Gen Z’s focus on authenticity is refreshing. Let your true personality shine through, and seek partners who appreciate you for who you are, quirks and all. Vulnerability can be the key to fostering real connection.

Manage Expectations: We can’t expect one person to be everything. Recognize that your partner will have strengths and weaknesses. Open communication and a willingness to compromise are key. Focus on building a team, not finding a superhero.

Look Beyond the Screen: While dating apps can be a great tool, don’t rely solely on them. Expand your social circle, pursue hobbies that allow you to meet like-minded people, and prioritize in-person interactions. Real connections often blossom organically when you put yourself out there in the real world.

As experts advise, the modern maze of love can become simpler when you know what you truly want and can maintain a holistic approach. Have you discovered effective ways to successfully navigate the current dating landscape? Share your opinions in our forum. Register for an account on Age Brilliantly and join our movement towards purposeful living.

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