Find Meaning and Purpose Before Retirement

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Find Meaning and Purpose Before Retirement

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Mark Danaher, Career and Burnout Prevention Coach – I will help you create the work and life that you love

Over the last few years, I have seen my professional world change in many ways. I went from a career that I loved and enjoyed to searching for my next purpose and passion. One thing that I found throughout the journey is that attitude plays an important role in how you see your life.

When my position was eliminated and I was offered alternative roles within the organization, I was devastated. My attitude about work and life was very negative. That impacted everything that I did. Over the course of the next couple months, I did some work on myself and reflected on where I was and who I wanted to be. This reflection allowed me to see my journey out of the darkness and into a life that has not been perfect but has been rewarding and positive.

The best advice I ever got was from a gentleman at one of my presentations. He asked if he could share a secret to a good life. I gave him the floor and I’ll paraphrase what he said.  “Your attitude is everything in your life.  You need to keep a positive attitude to deal with all those bumps and bruises as you age and deal with different challenges in life. Your attitude can bring you through anything.” He was in his late 80s and at the end of the presentation he got up and limped out with a cane, but with a huge smile and a positive attitude.

We all can change our thoughts and perceptions of life.  It’s not easy, but you need to focus on the positive.  If you work at it, over time you can change your outlook on life. In those times when you’re having negative thoughts, you need to change the story you’re telling yourself. Just by changing your negative thoughts, you will make dramatic changes to your attitude.

Here are six things you can do to maintain or improve your positive attitude:

1.  Create a morning routine. How you start your morning will determine how you will act during the day. Find what works for you and stick to it. It could be meditation, exercise, reading, or anything else that boosts your attitude.

2. Exercise. Taking time to care for yourself is so important. Find ways that you can exercise – walking, working out, running, biking or doing other activities that get you moving and increase your blood flow. With the increased activity, you will see a spike in how well you feel.

3. Be Grateful. Set up a daily ritual of giving gratitude by journaling either in the morning or at night and giving thanks for that day or for the day to come. You’ll find that you appreciate life more as you reflect and give thanks for the things that happened or that you expect to happen in your life.

4. Recharge. Sometimes life takes charge of us and we feel like we are running nonstop with errands, getting kids to practice, helping elderly parents, or whatever it is that makes your life hectic. Make sure you set aside time each week to recharge. This could be as simple as meditating, going for a walk, reading a book, or whatever it takes to get back your energy. The important thing is not to neglect yourself.

5. Smile. You will find that just smiling will boost your attitude. Think about good memories or thoughts and try smiling as you remember them. Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin which are known as the feel-good hormones. So, the next time you’re not doing so well, take a moment and smile.

6. Visualize. When you’re not happy and things are not going your way, try visualizing yourself being successful and happy in that moment. There are many times we let our thoughts overtake what we can do. Visualize positive thoughts in those situations to see success and help build and maintain your positive attitude.

These are just a few ideas on how to improve and maintain a positive attitude. Try to incorporate these into your daily living to improve your good life. You’ll be amazed at how a few minor changes in your daily life routines and thoughts can have such a huge impact on Your Positive Attitude.

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