Find a Travel Companion For Your Next Adventure

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Find a Travel Companion For Your Next Adventure

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Want to travel, but held back by physical limitations? Professional travel companions may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Julia Weed digs into the growing popularity of this new mode of travel in her recent New York Times article

Flying Companions, the features travel companion company, has been assisting travelers for about nine years. The owner started in this business after helping a disabled friend travel to Minnesota. “I realized there must also be people with non-medical challenges that need help traveling.” He now helps hundreds of clients see the world.

His company provides any service that a given client requires, including but not limited to:

  • Managing travel reservations and logistics
  • Sleeping in an adjoining hotel room in case of emergency
  • Accompanying guests to restaurants and tourist sites
  • Keeping in constant contact with family members, sending texts, pictures, and emails along the way!

Whether you are a solo traveler who needs a little help seeing the world, or you are part of a larger family excursion and just need assistance for one family member, professional travel companions can remove obstacles and allow the enjoyable parts of travel to shine! Interested? Here are the best travel companion services you might like to use:

Reach out, speak with their professionals, and have them answer all your questions. We are sure that they can set you up with the perfect travel companion for your next trip!

Have you ever used a travel companion before? Are there any other services you know about that are of high quality? Share any experience or recommendations you may have!