The Exercise the Smart People Do!

Author: AB Staff

The Exercise the Smart People Do!


Exercise is invaluable for people who want to keep mentally and physically at their prime. Incorporating physical activities in your daily routine can provide a wide range of benefits.

Discover Strength is a company committed to helping people to exercise more effectively. Luke Carlson, CE, recently shared ten insightful tips on what conventional exercising industries are doing wrong and explains alternative takes on how to make exercise the most beneficial to your mental and physical stamina. His e-book, How Smart People Exercise, includes these tips:

  • Strength training is not just “strength” training.
  • First, do no harm.
  • Train with a high level of intensity.
  • Focus on your RECOVERY.
  • Aim to boost metabolic rate.
  • Strength train slowly and accentuate the negative.
  • Consume a post workout snack
  • Avoid “functional’’ training.
  • Train with supervision.
  • View strength training as the ultimate “Saw Sharpening” activity.

After reading the article, think about how you can exercise smarter. Then take action!  Finally, share with us the lessons you’ve learned so we can all exercise smarter.

Together, let’s all Age Brilliantly!