New Record! 80-Year-Old Climbs Mt Everest

Author: AB Staff

New Record! 80-Year-Old Climbs Mt Everest

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Throw those old excuses out the window! These days, age is being proven time and time again to be a meaningless factor life. We can decide how to feel each and every day when we wake up. And we can do whatever we want with our years on this planet.

Let’s be honest, many people have no desire to climb Mount Everest. But the lesson still holds true: whatever your dreams, whatever your goals, you can achieve them. All it takes is an ambitious drive to make the absolute most of your life – at all stages! So decide what you want to do, and go do it. And if you need any help, the AgeBrilliantly community will be here for support and encouragement along the way.

What is your number one bucket list item? What action steps can you take to achieving that goal? Share your ideas and thoughts below!