Educational Trips for Grandparents and Grandchildren

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Educational Trips for Grandparents and Grandchildren

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“A grandparent is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend.”

 – Unknown

Becoming a grandparent is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling times of your life. Many grandparents live far from their grandchildren, which means a great way to bond with them is to take them on a special trip. 

With so many places in the world and so many amazing things to see, it may feel like a herculean task to plan a trip that will appeal to both the young and older crowd. That is why Road Scholars has done all of the work for you by offering over 100 spectacular grandparent and grandchildren trips.

Road Scholar offers travel collections for you and your grandchildren to make lasting memories and form deeper relationships. Our multi-generational travel tours bring you to the world’s top destinations for grandparent trips with their grandkids. Show your grandchild that there’s a whole world out there, just waiting to be explored! 

From the rainforests of Central America to the African savannah, learn about wildlife, fascinating cultures and some of the most beautiful landscapes this great planet has to offer as you watch your grandchild become a global citizen. At Road Scholar, we offer grandparent and grandchildren trips to learn about craters in Hawaii to coral reefs in Australia. Make chocolate in Paris and track wildlife in South Africa. We have something special planned for every type of traveler. 

Why You Should Book Your Multi-Generational Trip With Us

Every year, hundreds of grandkids take off on awesome adventures with their grandparents on Road Scholar trips around the world, where they meet unique locals and learn their cultures, as well as go on exciting adventures of a lifetime. 

We’re the leaders in grandparent travel with more than 30 years of experience creating memorable itineraries. Our educational trips for grandparents and grandchildren are packed with activities that we know both you and your grandkid will love. 

We take care of every detail so you can just show up with your loved ones and enjoy the journey. We know how stressful travel planning can be, especially when you’re planning a trip with your grandkids. But when you enroll in a Road Scholar program, we do the planning for you, as well as offer travel tips. Our expert trip designers put together adventures both you and your grandkids will love, with just the right combination of learning and fun.

From the Grand Canyon To Serengeti: A Look Into A Few of Our Favorite Grandparent Trips

Teenagers in Paris: City of Lights with your Grandchild

Road Scholar offers two nine-day trips to France where our travelers explore the historic cities and museums of this iconic city on scavenger hunts and urban discoveries. You’ll learn a little French, attend French cooking classes, see famous French artwork such as the Mona Lisa on a scavenger hunt, and have your own portrait painted in the neighborhood that inspired artists like Picasso and Van Gogh. 

Learn to “parle un peu français” (speak a little French) and practice your culinary skills while creating your own chocolate at the chocolate museum. Travel to the highest point in Paris, La Tour Montparnasse, to see incredible views of the entire city, including the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.

Cloud Forests to Volcanoes in Costa Rica

Road Scholar offers an epic nine-day trip for grandparents and grandchildren through Costa Rica that is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Explore cool cloud forests as you and your grandchildren trek across hanging bridges above the forest canopy in Monteverde. Visit a land filled with various species of monkeys and sweet sloths, hissing iguanas and huge crocodiles. 

Step into the wild and wonderful world of Costa Rica to discover beautiful waterfalls and look for white-faced monkeys as you float down the Rio Corobicí. Experience volcanic hot springs and sail past mangrove forests as you both monkey around in Costa Rica. Have a blast exploring thermal mud pools, fumaroles, and other surprising volcanic features at Rincon de la Vieja National Park.

South Africa: Lions, Hippos, and Zebras, Oh My!

On this 14-day expedition to South Africa, grandparents will treat their grandchildren to the ultimate cultural experience. Search for animals in their natural habitat, make friends with rescued elephants and learn to track wildlife as you explore South Africa, Botswana and Zambia with your grandchild.

Road Scholar will have a wildlife expert teaching you about the topography and wildlife along the way. You will learn tracking skills both on foot and on game drives as you search for lions, rhinos, leopards and more. Take a sunset boat ride on the Zambezi River in search of wildlife. Stare in awe and wonder at Victoria Falls – one of the largest waterfalls on Earth!

Awesome Asia 

Alongside your grandchild, explore the best of Japan on an awesome 14-day adventure from Tokyo to Hiroshima.

As soon as you and your grandchild step off the plane in Japan, you will realize you are stepping into a country filled with contrasts—from lively cities to quiet temples. The bright lights of Tokyo and the thriving city life are a sight to see, but just a short journey away are serene temples and shrines. 

Learn about the facets of Japanese culture that are so different from our own, such as how to become a geisha. Discuss the atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan to end WWII and what it means today. Get a real taste of Japanese life during a sushi-making class and in a fun manga drawing class.

Adventure Afloat

Sail with your grandchild on a shrimp boat, climb a storied lighthouse, meet injured sea turtles, and search for nesting turtles on a night beach walk on this six-day adventure in Georgia. Spend an exciting week with your grandchild on sunny South Georgia beaches, hopping around the islands of Jekyll, Saint Simons and Sapelo

You and your grandchildren will dig through the rocky ruins of an old military fort, and shout your way into the Gullah culture through their songs and heritage. Hop aboard Lady Jane, a retired US Coast Guard ship, to trawl (or fish with a net) for shrimp and other ocean critters.

America’s Great National Parks

Explore the most beautiful and fascinating National Parks and monuments in the United States with your grandchild by raft or horseback, on walks, hikes and snorkeling adventures — explore some of the most beautiful and fascinating parks and monuments in the United States.

One such journey created by Road Scholar is exploring the Grand Canyon  with your grandchild via train, raft on the Colorado River, and hiking to see ancient Indian cliff dwellings at a National Monument.

Create everlasting memories with your grandchild at the Grand Canyon when you climb aboard the Grand Canyon Railway and ride to the canyon’s South Rim. Look for California condors as you explore canyon geology on a canyon trail hike. Plus, travel through the Navajo Reservation and visit the secluded Walnut Canyon National Monument’s prehistoric cliff dwellings.

Experience Multi-Generational Travel with Road Scholar

At Road Scholar, we offer once-in-a-lifetime fun trips for grandparents and grandchildren.  Enroll and learn more about the Road Scholar’s specialized trips for multi-generational travelers.