Do What You Want!

Author: AB Staff

Do What You Want!


Ever stop yourself from doing something you passionately wanted to do because of ageism biases? You can set new visions for your life by not “settling” for someone else’s lifestyle. Become the person who does not conform to the status quo! 

Incorporating activities, lifestyles, hobbies, and professional interests allows you to build a life that’s fulfilling. With the right motivation and passion, you can achieve great things at any life stage. 

For instance, Manfred Steiner, an 89 years old doctor, recently went back to school to fulfill a lifetime dream: earn a physics. (See article). As he said: “If you have a dream, follow it.”

Manfred Steiner followed the career path his mom and his uncle preferred he follow – medicine – but never gave up his interest in physics. Despite obstacles posed by schools, he followed his passion, and on being awarded the Ph.D., he shares that it’s”the most satisfying point in my life to finish it.” 

As Steiner advises “do what you want.” When you apply this commitment with your sense of purpose and passions, greater life fulfillment will result.

Steiner reminds us that you’re never too old to take charge of your life and fulfill dreams for purpose and passion. He also reminds us to pursue them as early as possible so you will have countless years to enjoy the adventures that follow!