Do What You Want – When You Want It; It’s Your Lifestyle

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Do What You Want – When You Want It; It’s Your Lifestyle


In a world where life expectancy continues to rise, the traditional concept of retirement is evolving. People who once anticipated retiring around 65 realize that they may live well into their 80s, 90s, or even past 100. This shift has led to a reimagining of the future and a desire to continue working for fulfillment and purpose.

Financial necessity is a driving factor behind many retirees’ decisions to keep working. This is because a concerning reality has given the limited healthy years left for the average lower-income retiree. The idea of a retirement filled with work might initially appear bleak, suggesting that society prioritizes achievement over happiness.

However, there’s an alternative, less pessimistic perspective to consider. Those who opt for semi-retirement represent a unique segment of the labor market: empowered workers. This evolving approach to work can help individuals make choices that prioritize their happiness. As 60 years or longer careers are becoming the norm, we must opt for fulfilling careers.

Surprisingly, this trend excludes those who can’t afford to retire. A 2014 survey revealed that 80 percent of semi-retirees choose to work because they want to. This group includes individuals from higher socioeconomic backgrounds who often find these post-retirement jobs enjoyable and fulfilling

But what do we call these individuals? Some refer to them as retirees who are “rewiring” their lives, while others use the term “semi-retirees.” However, the Age Brilliantly mindset offers a simpler perspective. Leading a fulfilling 100-year life means choosing how to use your time without the constraints of labels.

One key aspect of the Age Brilliantly mindset is the recognition that life is a continuous journey of growth and development. Whether you’re 30, 60, or 80, always continue learning. So, here are some strategies to follow to live your life how you want to and ensure purposeful living.

Pursue Your Passion and Purpose: Identify your passions and what gives your life purpose. It could be a career, a hobby, a cause, or a combination.
Dedicate time and energy to activities and pursuits that align with your interests and values. When you engage in activities that genuinely resonate with you, you’re more likely to find fulfillment in your daily life.

Invest in Health and Well-being: Put your mental and physical well-being first. A fulfilling life requires regular exercise, a healthy diet, enough sleep, and stress management. You’ll have the strength and endurance to live life to the fullest if you take good care of your body and mind.

Build and Maintain Relationships: Meaningful connections with family, friends, and a broader community are fundamental to a fulfilling life.

Nurture and strengthen these relationships through open communication, empathy, and support. Spending quality time with loved ones and building a network of positive connections can provide a sense of belonging and happiness.

Continual Learning and Growth: Embrace a growth mindset and commit to lifelong learning. Explore new interests, acquire new skills, and challenge yourself intellectually. Learning keeps your mind sharp and provides a sense of accomplishment and personal growth.

Financial Planning and Security: Ensure your financial well-being by setting and following a responsible financial plan. This includes budgeting, saving, investing, and managing debt wisely.

Financial security provides peace of mind and the freedom to pursue your passions, travel, and experience new things without constant worry about money. So, proper financial planning ensures comfort and freedom to pursue your passions.

Finally, we must remember that a fulfilling life is subjective and can evolve. It’s essential to regularly reflect on your values, goals, and priorities and adjust your path accordingly. Living a fulfilling life often involves balancing these elements and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances and personal growth.

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