Diagnosing With Dementia At An Early Age

Author: AB Staff

Diagnosing With Dementia At An Early Age


Nothing can be more disheartening than being young and forgetting your way home or your car due to dementia. Diagnosis of dementia at an early age not only affects the regular workability of an adult. Rather, it also brings traumatic challenges for the individual.

Dementia at an early age can hamper memory, thinking, socializing and so on. Thus it slows down life with many challenges that need to be solved. Therefore, let’s get introduced to the reasons for dementia at an early age.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common reasons for early onset dementia. Accordingly, Alzheimer’s disease happens due to the plaques or tangles that form in people’s brains. In addition, these plaques are made up of a sum of a protein named beta-amyloid.

Additionally, tangles are formed by a protein called tau. These protein buildups in the brain will prompt the brain cells to die. Therefore, the neurotransmitters and neurons will be heavily damaged by these clumps of protein. 

Lewy Body Disease: Lewy body disease is one kind of progressive dementia that causes dementia at an early age. This disease happens due to the balloon-like clumps of proteins called alpha-synuclein

In addition, the clumps deposited from the protein called alpha-synuclein cause a loss of communication with other brain cells. Accordingly, several symptoms such as hallucination, problems with attention, and tremors can be evident.

Frontotemporal Dementia: Frontotemporal dementia is another reason why dementia can be caused at an early age. People suffering from frontotemporal dementia will have problems in the front lobe of the brain.

Moreover, there can also be a dramatic shrinkage of the front portions of the brain. This will thus result in memory problems, impulsive behavior, dramatic personality change, and so on.

When young people are attacked with dementia due to frontotemporal dementia, theyalso find it difficult to commune with people. This is because of the emotional indifference and socially inappropriate behavior deriving from this disease.

Vascular Dementia: Vascular dementia can also cause dementia at an early age. This disease happens due to damage to the vessels that provide blood to the brain.

Additionally, this disease progressing toward dementia will show the signs of slowed thinking, difficulty concentrating, inability to solve problems, and memory loss.

Dementia at an early age is a phenomenon that doctors are still trying to fathom. Therefore, it’s not that easy to prevent dementia. However, the right lifestyle can reduce the chance of dementia at an early age. 

Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight, following a balanced diet, decreasing alcohol or smoking intake, and preventing depression can help to keep dementia at bay to some extent.

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