Defy the Ageism Bias!

Author: AB Staff

Defy the Ageism Bias!

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Defy personal and societal ageism biases, and you can Age Brilliantly by leading a fulfilling life as long as you are alive – to 100+!

Ever stop yourself from doing something you wanted because of ageism biases? You can set new visions for your life by not “settling” for someone else’s lifestyle. Become the person who does what you want as long as you’re fit to do so!

Phil Mickelson’s experience is just one example of how we can unleash OUR potential at anything we choose. The Wall Street Journal covers the enticing details of Mickelson’s victory in the following article, “Phil Mickelson Wins the PGA

Diving into the 2021 PGA Championship and setting all-time records, Mickelson states, “I just believed it was possible.” Having the mindset that deifies the ageism bias is the importance of Mickelson’s participation in the tournament. Phil Mic It was not so much about winning, but about his positive attitude. By applying a similar mindset, we can unleash our potential and open up ourselves to identifying new opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

Mickelson achieves his golden mindset by referencing a personal hero, Tiger Woods. Thinking of his admired hero motivates himself to participate in something that would break the age boundary. You can break through ‘social boundaries’ based on age or other limiting biases by finding your own personal hero to motivate you into achieving the lifestyle you want.

You can apply this mindset by continuing to learn something every day, by incorporating something fruitful into your daily life, participating in passions or hobbies that you want to do, and more. The possibilities are really up to you.

Break away from the thought, “I’m too old/young for this” and/or “it’s not something someone my age should do” is the most important way you can start leading a more fulfilling life. You are only limited by the boundaries you set on yourself. Defy the ageism bias; take charge and live better.