Dealing With A Caregiver Who is Not Fit for the Job

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Dealing With A Caregiver Who is Not Fit for the Job

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When dealing with another person, especially if that person didn’t do anything bad against you, it’s hard to say something which may hurt their feelings. Even if it’s a job or anything that is not personal, when you say something not pleasant, most of the time, the other person will really take it personally.

What if you hired a caregiver and that person is nice but they are just not right for the job?

Here are some tips you can follow when dealing with a caregiver whom you have to send away

Check First if You’re Communicating Your Expectations Properly

Before you talk to your caregiver, have an honest assessment of yourself first to make sure you’re not the problem. Ask yourself if you have been clear with your instructions or if you have been direct with your expectations. Did your caregiver understand what you said in the same way you perceived it? If the answers to these questions are still unclear to you, you might be part of the issue. If you are, try working on yourself first. If after assessment you found out you were not communicating properly to the person, try to improve first and change your strategy.

 Give the Person a Chance

If the problem is not one which involves a questionable character or one which involves a criminal act, give the person a chance. Maybe he is still adjusting or maybe he is still getting the hang of the level of care he needs to give. However, before you give the person a chance, talk to him first, point out his lapses in a constructive and not antagonistic way, then tell him you are giving him a chance to improve his service.

If, however, the reason why the said caregiver is not fit for the job is that he is stealing from you or he is physically or verbally abusing the patient, then that’s a different story. The character is non-negotiable so in these cases, you have to let him go immediately.

 Speak the Truth

As in most human interactions and relationships, even if it’ll hurt them, people would still prefer to hear the truth. If that person is nice but he keeps on committing errors on the job despite the chances you gave him to improve, just tell him honestly that you need someone who can deliver better care. Caregiving is something very personal and crucial and the reason why we employ somebody to do the care is to make sure that we have peace of mind while we’re away. If the person we left to do the job cannot give us that peace of mind and that amount of care needed by the patient, there’s none left but to look for another.

 Provide Reasons for Letting Him Go and Suggest References Only if You Can Wholeheartedly Give it

When you let go of a caregiver, don’t be harsh or mean. Be professional in your dealing and explain to him, in clear terms, why you have to let him go. Be rational in your reasons so that the other person can see the need to improve himself. Also, if he is asking for references, only agree if you know wholeheartedly give it. If not, don’t force yourself.

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