COVID Travel Advice from 10 Boomers Who Hit the Road Again in 2021

Author: Road Scholar

COVID Travel Advice from 10 Boomers Who Hit the Road Again in 2021


In the past year, those of us who have a passion for exploring and learning about the world through travel have had to get creative. We’ve read books and watched documentaries. We learned how to Zoom and found alternative ways to learn about the world online. Or we found more local or outdoor experiences closer to home to keep our adventurous spirits nourished.

But this summer, as more Americans became vaccinated, travel advisories began to loosen and the world started to open up again, thousands of adults over 50 began to travel again, including more than 13,000 who hit the road again with Road Scholar since we re-opened our global campus in July. But even if you are vaccinated, you may still have questions about travel during a pandemic. Hear from some of Road Scholar’s over-50 travelers who traveled in the midst of COVID this summer and find out why they felt comfortable getting back on the road again.

“It was great being back on the road again! I so missed the travel, camaraderie and the educational learning experiences. Everyone I traveled with was very conscientious and respectful and compliant of COVID protocol! Being vaccinated and being with like-minded people has made me comfortable about travel. I am still on the road having enrolled in four back-to-back programs for a total of 30 days! I have more trips planned for this year too!”

Anne K. from Valencia, Calif. | Road Scholar Class of ’14 | The Best of Glacier National Park | July 2021

“We were very hesitant to travel internationally but found it to be a very pleasant experience. In our experience, travelers expect delays, and it was a more relaxed atmosphere. In general, other countries seem to respect the pandemic even more than in the U.S. They were appreciative of visitors and were glad to see Americans. The trails were less crowded than they would have normally been, which was a blessing, and we found the Road Scholar staff to be very considerate of safety protocols.”

-Ruth S. from Springfield, Mo. | Road Scholar Class of ’17 | Hiking the Cinque Terre | September 2021

“I signed up last minute for the Yoga Retreat because I live alone and really needed to do something. I was also conquering fears: a seven-hour drive through the mountains (I’m afraid of heights). The change of scenery, peaceful setting and new friends was just what I needed to feel refreshed. Road Scholar takes every precaution, and it didn’t feel like a burden. Our yoga studio had all the windows and doors open for ventilation, and we were spaced. Common areas required masks, as Road Scholar was not the only group there. I am so happy I took this trip. This was my second Road Scholar program, and I am signed up for Guatemala and Belize in October 2022. I am sure I will enroll in some “last minute” trips in between.”

Linda K. from Jacksonville, Fla. | Road Scholar Class of ’19 | Yoga for Wellness and Daily Living: The 8 Limbs of Hatha Yoga | September 2021

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“We were to take a Road Scholar trip in October 2020 to Machu Picchu, Peru. It got cancelled due to the pandemic, so we opted for a program in the U.S. for the following year. We could not have been happier with our Yellowstone program. After months of isolation, it was great to be able to get out to travel and meet new people. This was our first Road Scholar trip, but it will not be the last. Road Scholar was very determined about keeping their travelers safe. Vaccines were required and verified. Masks were required for any group transport on bus or van and in any public buildings in the park or in the town. We all felt our health and safety was a top priority for Road Scholar.”

Karen D. from Pontiac, Ill. | Road Scholar Class of ’21 | Choose Your Pace: A Walk on the Wild Side in Yellowstone | September 2021

“Although I was a teeny bit nervous for my first “on the road” trip, I quickly got back into the routine of being around non-related people again. I was glad to know all the participants and Group Leaders were vaccinated and that extra precautions were taken when necessary. Although due to staffing shortages at local restaurants, some of the meals were served differently than I anticipated, I still enjoyed myself tremendously. The key words during these times are ‘patience’ and ‘flexibility.'”

– Linda C. From Colorado Springs, Colo. | Road Scholar Class of ’18 | The Mighty Seven: Colorado’s Majestic National Parks & Monuments | August 2021

“Being back on the road was wonderful! There was such a unique feeling that ran mutually through our small group. We were all thankful to be traveling again. I think that we all had a renewed respect for the ability to travel and for each other. Every precaution was taken to provide PPE to the participants and explain protocols. There was never a problem about masking up when required. All presenters respectfully followed local guidelines, as well. I never felt unsafe or concerned, and all participants were happy to show their proof of vaccination!”

Chris S., Road Scholar Group Leader and Participant, from Hidden Valley, Calif. | Road Scholar Class of ‘12 | North of Napa: California Wine Country as It Used to Be

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“Being on the road again was fantastic. Had a great time and a great trip. Traveling with Road Scholar was wonderful. I never worried at all. All travelers were vaccinated, and we all had a great time.”

Beth M. from Richmond, Va. | Road Scholar Class of ’16 | Trailside Glacier: Hiking in Glacier National Park | July 2021

“My wife and I had not previously participated in a Road Scholar program. However, this was a wonderful experience. Not only was the subject (Yellowstone) spectacular, but our leader was incredible! In spite of the pandemic, we were only inconvenienced slightly. Adjustments had to be made for restaurants and schedules at times. We and the other participants adjusted, for the most part, with understanding and good humor. We’ll look forward to participating again in the future with Road Scholar. Thanks for a wonderful adventure!”

Steve K. from Marana, Ariz. | Road Scholar Class of ’21 | The Best of Yellowstone: From Colter’s Hell to America’s Hot Spot | July 2021

“I took a trip with Road Scholars in July 2021. It was liberating! I felt comfortable traveling with Road Scholar because all participants are required to be vaccinated.”

Georgiana S. from Champaign, Ill. | Road Scholar Class of ‘21 | Coastal Maine: Portland to Bar Harbor | July 2021

“I was very happy to be back on the road with Road Scholar; just as in previous years, the planning, organization and expertise of the staff was excellent. In dealing with the pandemic, all the rules of both the local community and the Federal guidelines in Glacier Park were followed. Changes in various procedures were handled on the spot with little fuss.”

Elizabeth H. from Princeton, N.J. | Road Scholar Class of ’00 | Trailside Glacier: Hiking in Glacier National Park | July 2021

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