Being 50 Is Not The Dead End: Own It And Get Working

Author: AB Staff

Being 50 Is Not The Dead End: Own It And Get Working


When we think of our future selves after 50, we see a life of retirement. It is a time when we see our careers reclining gradually. After the global pandemic shutting down workplaces throughout the world, workplace structures have seen major changes. A notable change is people in their 50s and above getting back to work.

Naturally, you may be wondering how someone after their 50s goes back to work. Most often, the doubts are what’s stopping you from doing so much more than what you think you can do. A prominent example of going back to a job at such a late age and facing it is the story of Ms. Kim Williams.

Ms. Williams lost her job early in the coronavirus pandemic much like many of her peers. At 55, she had the profound belief that she was too young to retire. She spent more than 25 years working for Hershey’s plant in their manufacturing section. She went back to school at 40 to earn a degree in hospitality. Her continuous effort toward building her career inspires us all.

When she lost the job a few weeks after her 60th birthday, she did not give up. Ms. Williams soon took a job at AAA to support her family. But a dominant factor in that decision was her refusal to give up on her career just yet. Similarly, many elderly workers after the age of 55 are returning to work after the pandemic.

Many economists are also taken by surprise by this rapid rebound of senior workers. According to reports, as of April, nearly 64 percent of adults between the age group of 55 to 64 are working. This is the same rate as in February of 2020, just before the pandemic hit. So, a complete recovery is seen in the senior workers in their workplaces.

Elderly people need to deconstruct the idea of retirement after 50. Because retiring early is seldom an option when you can thrive in your career at that period. Returning to the workplace after 55 can be scary, but it can also open a new dimension and opportunities in your life.

To sum it up, there are many benefits of going back to work after 50. Some of the reasons why you should do it include the following.

Additional Financial Benefits: Working after your retirement ensures that you get an extra safety check on your finances.

Many elderly workers receive pensions in addition to their after-retirement work. This allows a better chance at savings, financial security, and healthcare benefits. Especially for many people who find that savings are insufficient, returning to work is a great option for them.

Choosing A New Line Of Work: An exciting feature about returning to work is that you can select a new line of work.

For workers who are looking for a way out of the monotonous desk jobs, after-retirement work can be an excellent opportunity. You can utilize your previous skills to start at your dream job by returning to work after 50.

Guiding The Youngsters: Another important benefit of returning to work after 50 is that you are starting with full skill sets and expertise.

The unique experiences, learnings, and suggestions can be vital for the younger generation. So, you must return to work to pass down your teachings to the new generation.

Better Cognitive Engagement: Many people struggle with their mental health after retirement. Whereas, you can improve your cognitive functions by returning to work.

Working after 50 will help you to stay active. It will allow critical thinking and make better decisions. Hence, your mind will stay sharp. So, your cognitive engagement will be improved substantially.

In conclusion, going back to work after 50 can bring many positive changes in your life. Thus, it is something you must consider to achieve newer heights and advance remarkably. To share your thoughts on this, make sure to join our forum. Register now to become a member and join the movement.