Apps For Caregivers

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Apps For Caregivers

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Taking care of an aging or ill loved one is hard. From balancing doctor appointment schedules and remembering to give medications to tracking symptoms, and always being on call, caregivers have a lot to handle. 

While more traditional methods of help for caregivers, like support networks of family and friends and hired help, are always appreciated and effective, there are a few modern solutions that are coming to the forefront, like apps. 

These 8 apps were specifically created to help alleviate some of the stresses and difficulties associated with being a caregiver: 

  1. AARP CaregivingThe AARP is one of the most notable names in elder care, so it makes sense that their app is empowering, effective, and incredibly helpful. Free for all operating systems, the app helps caregivers monitor symptoms, coordinate with other caregivers, and stay on top of medications and appointments. 
  2. CareZone –  Carezone is designed to help caregivers keep track of all crucial medical information, like allergies, meds, and insurance, all in one convenient place. The app also allows users to make to-do lists, and curates information relevant to your loved one’s ailments. 
  3. Alzheimer’s Caregiver BuddyDeveloped by the Alzheimer’s Association, this free app is ideal for helping those with loved one’s suffering from Alzheimer’s. The app has daily care tips, as well as personalized “caregiver buddies” that allow caregivers to connect, manage stress, and get tips. 
  4. Care.comAn app and a website, is designed to help those in need find qualified, temporary care for loved ones of all ages and needs. You can search resumes, references, background checks and more to find the right person to add to your caregiving team. 
  5. First Aid by American Red CrossCaregivers have so much to remember, and that’s why this back-to-basics app is so helpful. The First Aid app gives easy to understand first aid and CPR instructions that are crucial in the event of an emergency. Free in all app stores, this app also helps caregivers identify potential health risks by decoding symptoms. 
  6. CaringBridgeThis free app was designed to make it easier for caregivers to communicate about crucial details and duties, from appointments and medications to health changes and more. It gathers all the important information in one place for all caregivers to access, and also allows users to send motivational and inspiring messages to one another for extra support. 
  7. SympleSymple makes it easy for caregivers to keep track of their loved one’s symptoms over time. Whether you’re tracking anxiety, pain, or fatigue, this free app helps you log up to 10 individual symptoms, documenting any mood shifts, health changes, or contributing factors. 
  8. PacificaIt’s easy for caregivers to forget that they have needs, too. That’s where this free app comes in. Pacifica is a mindfulness app that reminds caregivers to take a little time for self-care, be it meditation, breathing, or just keeping track of anxieties. 

Caregivers do so much, so any help from apps like these is surely appreciated. 

Would you be interested in using an app to help you care for a loved one? Let us know below.