Ranger Embarks on New Career at 85

Author: AB Staff

Ranger Embarks on New Career at 85

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“Life keeps opening up… and as long as that’s true, then I’m going to keep on living it.”

Wise words from 92-year-old Betty Reid Soskin, who’s been enjoying her current position as a Park Ranger for the past seven years. The descendent of parents and grandparents who lived past 100, she knew she still had plenty left to accomplish in old age. This landed her in an official Ranger uniform, one that gives her great pride.

Betty has shined a light on the new wave of mature adults finding new life in the work force. She never thought she’d be a Park Ranger, but life happened to work out that way. Opportunities for fulfilling late careers are hidden all around us, but with the help of our community here at AgeBrilliantly, we hope you can find the perfect place to find new joy.

What professions have you seen senior citizens employ in your community? How can you find an enjoyable position for yourself? Share any thoughts or ideas with the community below!