92-Year-Old Honors Late Wife with Thriving Business

Author: AB Staff

92-Year-Old Honors Late Wife with Thriving Business

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Years after retirement, and soon after the death of his wife, Earl Fultz has turned her spice recipe into a thriving business. Before succumbing to emphysema, Gloria worried that her husband would struggle to find meaning after she was gone. The two had an everlasting bond, and Earl still chokes up at the thought of her. But he has found new energy and endless ambition in promoting the legacy of her secret spice, inspiring a wonderful new phase of his life.

In an effort to cherish her memory, Earl began displaying Charissa spice at farmers markets in his town. What started at about a hundred dollars grew weekly, and ultimately found fame when the executive chef at Yankee stadium took a taste. It is now served at Yankee Stadium, and Earl has enjoyed heading an exciting business venture.

But the true benefit hasn’t been about money at all. Rather, Earl has proved that it is never too late to follow your dreams. And Fultz isn’t finished yet. He says he is inspired by the Newman’s Own Foundation and wants to ultimately start a charitable foundation with his company’s profits.

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