9 Apps to Keep Finances on Track

Author: AB Staff

9 Apps to Keep Finances on Track

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Retirement goals can only be reached through planning and diligence. But how do you manage and organize all the moving pieces of your nest egg? Today, everything from budgeting, to credit monitoring, to investing, and even debt management can be managed with easily accessible apps. Here are our recommendations for you:

Budgeting and Savings

  • Mint: one of the top personal finance apps designed to help seniors keep track of finances and modify spending in order to save more.
  • You Need a Budget: Helps keep track of expenses, pay off debt, and save more money.
  • Level: Helps calculate monthly income and bills based on your banking and spending history, and makes suggestions for future spending/saving habits.

Credit Monitoring

  • Credit Karma: Allows you to easily monitor your credit score.
  • BillGuard: Tracks your spending and credit card activity to detect fraudulent behavior. Sends alter upon suspicious activity and offers to report activity and contact the merchant on your behalf.


  • Acorns: Invests your spare change by rounding up credit or debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and investing the difference in one of six portfolios of your choosing.
  • Personal Capital: An overview of your investments and finances. Syncs all accounts into one place to analyze your portfolio, including asset classes, individual securities, industries and market caps.

Debt Payments

  • Loan Calculator Pro: Allows you to calculate payments, review “what if” scenarios for making extra payments and provide amortization schedules.
  • Mortgage Calculator Pro: Similar to loan calculator, but designed for mortgage.

Get the help you need right on your smartphone, tablet or computer. They may not replace your trusted financial advisor, but they will be immensely helpful allies in managing your spending and saving habits, so you can optimize your future. Take the time to plan and organize, and you will be forever grateful!

Are there any apps not mentioned above that you find helpful? What are some ways you’re implementing technology in your life to manage finances? Share with our community!