7 Ways to Achieve Your Best Life

Author: Mark Danaher

7 Ways to Achieve Your Best Life

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You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Live your best life,” but chances are you may not fully understand what it means.

Living your best life means creating a life that you are proud of, so you want to make sure you are doing your best.

But how, exactly, do you live your best life? How do you make sure that you and your family will be proud of your life? Well, look no further — here are seven steps you can take to live your best life.

Leave your past behind

Sometimes life does not go according to our plans. We often face unexpected circumstances, some of which are painful. Some can even be traumatizing and difficult or impossible to surmount.

Bear in mind that if you do not learn to get over what has happened in the past, you can never be great at what is going to happen in the future. You have to forget about events that make you regret them because they are going to distract you from your goals.

To release the burden of traumatizing events, you may find it helpful to journal your emotions or consider talking about these memories with someone close to you.

Respect and get respected

I am pretty sure you know about karma, “What goes around, comes around.” — it applies to good and bad deeds alike.

It means that if you do something bad or if you disrespect someone with respect, the same treatment will come back to you. The payback may sometimes take a long time, but it comes around eventually — you see, karma happens when you least expect it.

Be a good person. Do not mistreat people or be rude to them. Do good deeds every week. Treat people every day the way you want to be treated.

Get to know yourself

To live your best life, you need to be the best version of yourself. And that is not possible until you know everything about yourself.

You need to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Observe yourself for a couple of weeks. Observe how you react to different situations and note down your observations. Then, take steps to adjust your behavior so that you can be a better person. It is important to acknowledge we are human and not perfect. If you are not doing something well, learn to do it better.

Eliminate your bad habits

While you are observing yourself and taking notes, own up to your bad habits. These not only include things that are objectively “bad” but also actions that you may regret later.

List your bad habits. Then, start eliminating them one by one, step by step.

Clarify your vision

You need to identify and clarify your vision. Once you take some time to reflect on this vision, you can start fine-tuning your goals to achieve your best life. The vision and goals should be about your career and personal life. It is who you want to be as a human being.

Find out what makes you happy, then define your personality around it. Do you enjoy being the funny guy in the crowd? Does being the intelligent one make you feel great? Or you’re the person who’s always looking trendy? Figure it out!

When you know who you are and who you want to be, focus on creating the best vision of yourself.

Leave your comfort zone

If you enjoy adventure and adrenaline, you need to leave your comfort zone and try new experiences. Remember, staying in your comfort zone and experiencing the same routine over and over will get boring. You should always be open to trying something new.

Consider taking a foreign trip and experience something unique and refreshing. If you have taken local trips, try going out of state or visiting a big city. If you have spent your time around big cities, plan a journey to the mountains. You see, trying new things will invigorate you with new strengths and energy.

Keep learning

Here is a fact for you: you can never know too much. If you ever feel like you should stop learning because you know too much now, I suggest you take a better look at yourself.

Whether it is about your career or your personal life, you need to keep learning. Learn new skills, improve the existing ones, gain new soft skills, work on your character — and do anything else that will bring you to your best life.

Final thoughts

You only live once — so you must be sure you are making the most of it. When you are in your eighties and cannot make any more memories, you need to have a plethora of exciting memories to look back on.

To make sure you’re living your best life, pay close attention to the steps mentioned above. These steps will make your life search better and more meaningful.