4 Life Advice to Tell Your Younger Self

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4 Life Advice to Tell Your Younger Self

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Hindsight is 20/20. When we look back on our previous experiences, it’s common to wonder why we didn’t do things differently. Experience can teach you the hard way, but knowledge can teach you the easy way. Foresight can also be 20/20 if it’s coming from a wise individual with experience and expertise. Insights can be passed down to help the less-experienced successfully navigate the twists and turns of life. Featured are four successful professionals who share the golden nuggets of wisdom they would have given their younger selves:

Get Real About Your Life:

“I would tell young Dave he isn’t nearly as important as he thinks he is. And if he wants to be successful, it’s going to be a whole lot harder than he thinks it is. My advice would be to never give up; never quit. Scratch, claw and fight. It really is the formula.”

– Dave Ramsey, finance expert and creator of Ramsey Solutions

Dreaming big is important, but it’s equally important to be grounded in reality. With the rise of sensational media, it’s common to see the end-result without the sweat, blood, and tears that were shed along the way. Thousands of hours of effort are needed to build up a successful life, and coming to acceptance with this truth is the first step to getting there.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff:

“Life goes on and you can survive any failure. If you learn from your mistakes, you will come out stronger, smarter and wiser. Trust your gut. The only person who knows what’s best for you is you. Buck the status quo. By living in your truth and pursuing the life you want instead of the life you’re told, you might ruffle a few feathers. So what? Trailblazers always do and that’s the whole point – being brave enough to lead the pack and know you’re capable and worthy of doing so.”

– Jillian Michaels, renowned fitness expert and creator of the My Fitness app

Sweating the small stuff can leave you in a bit of a daze. The little things can pile up in your mind and cloud your mental vision. That’s why it’s important to brush the small things off your shoulders as you move through life. The key is that you are learning from the small mistakes along the way. This will you will be emerge from the dust cloud much stronger than before.

Be Bold:

“When we’re young, we are often nervous, worried and ultimately afraid. But nine out of the 10 things we worry about and are afraid of never even happen. We’re nervous that people will judge us or not like us or think we aren’t smart. But so what? The only way any of us can become ho we want to be, who we can be, is by being bold. Sure, there will be failures and heartbreaks and challenges along the way, but the journey is worth it. And ultimately, everything will work out as it should. So you might as well be bold, and have fun in the process.”

– Nia-Malika Henderson, CNN Senior Political Reporter

Worrying about things that don’t happen is practically universal. However, this habit can negatively affect your mental health over time. The accumulated stress of constant worry can have adverse effects farther down the line. To get past this, you need to be bold in your thinking. Getting past the anxiety that surrounds action is important to achieving your greatest goals.

The Only Thing Worth Collecting is Friendships:

“Words like ‘relationships’, ‘friendships’, ‘community’ — these are the words that matter. We have a life, not a career and if I could sit down with my younger self I’d remind him of that. Then I’d make sure that he heard my message loud and clear that there is no job title cooler than that of ‘friend’, ‘father’ or ‘husband.’”

– Michael Thompson, blogger, businessman and career coach

Our relationships are what matters most, period. At the end of life, people almost always say they wish they spent more time with loved ones. Given the hectic pace of modern-day life, it’s easy to forget investing your social life. Taking the time to foster close connections and build new ones is the key to living a long, fulfilling life.

There are many different things that we would tell our younger selves given the chance. What are some pieces of advice you would give to younger version of you? Share with other members!

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