3 Ways To Be More Mindful at Work

Author: Mark Danaher

3 Ways To Be More Mindful at Work


Mindfulness helps us to perform at our best; that is especially true in a work environment. But the question many ask is, what is mindfulness, exactly? And how can we become more mindful at work? Let’s dive into a definition of mindfulness in the workplace and explore ways that we can achieve it.

What is Mindfulness in the Workplace?

Mindfulness is a therapeutic self-care technique where you are fully present and aware of everything around you. It incorporates practices that help reduce stress and anxiety. Also, it gives people the tools they need to overcome some of the more challenging events they encounter.

Practicing mindfulness in the workplace helps focus your efforts on tasks without being overwhelmed. It promotes positivity and helps increase working productivity. It is becoming increasingly important to practice mindfulness to get through your workday as you deal with growing stress and overwhelm.

Here are 3 Ways You Can Be More Mindful At Work

The workplace can be increasingly stressful, given today’s fast pace of business. You might find yourself facing more difficult days when you feel stressed and anxious. Being mindful can help you cope with those challenges by putting you in a more positive state.

There are many ways to be more mindful at work, but the goal is to feel more relaxed, comfortable, and productive. Here are three methods that will promote mindfulness.

1. Create a routine of breathing exercises

It is remarkable what even simple breathing exercises can do to your state of mind. They are easy to do at any point of the workday and effective in alleviating stress. Be sure to find time to perform some deep breathing exercises, focusing on your inhalation and exhalation. You will feel more relaxed and capable of coping with the day’s events. To get started, explore the many examples by Googling “breathing exercises”.

2. Take intermittent breaks from the tasks at hand

No matter how busy it is at your workplace, being mindful requires regular small breaks from whatever you are doing. Taking short periods for yourself throughout the day increases productivity. It provides the opportunity to relax, refocus, and reignite your efforts to accomplish the tasks at hand. You will have the time to perform mindfulness exercises such as breathing (noted above) or simply unplugging from technology and going for a walk.

3. Be grateful for everything in your work environment

Gratitude facilitates achieving mindfulness in the workplace. Even when you find yourself surrounded by negativity, being grateful for your colleagues and your job leads to a more mindful, peaceful state. Take some time to reflect on what you like about your work and keep that in mind when expressing gratitude around your work environment. Gratitude will help you feel thankful for who and what you have in your life.

Mindfulness is a Platform to Working Success

A constant influx of challenges and obstacles can bring us down. However, practicing mindfulness will provide a positive balance to springboard yourself to success. Be sure to incorporate these mindful practices in your workday. It will help you achieve your career goals and feel better as a person.