25 Ideas to Spend Your Retirement? Part 1

Author: AB Staff

25 Ideas to Spend Your Retirement? Part 1

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No matter if you’re approaching your retirement, or your work-free years are still far in the future, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about what you want to do in retirement. 

As much fun as the daydreaming can be, many people actually feel a little overwhelmed with all their options. . While you don’t have to settle for one idea, or stick with the same plan throughout your retirement, you can use this list of 26 big ideas for some retirement inspiration. 

  1. Do What Makes You Happy – Retirement is the time when you get to be selfish and do whatever makes you happy. Whether this means enjoying the small things, or swinging for the fence with grand ideas, it only matters that you’re feeling happy and fulfilled. Not exactly sure what will make you feel happy and fulfilled? These books might be helpful:
    1. Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived Joyful Life
    2. How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free
    3. The JOY of Retirement
  2. Travel – From seeing the entire world to just getting to know your corner, traveling ranks at the top of almost every retirement wish list. Remember, do what makes you happy. So, if that means crossing the oceans or sticking to your own state; go for it. You can check out AirBnB for great places to stay, or consider becoming an AirBnB host to help pay for your travels. 
  3. Live Your Entrepreneur Dreams – For some people the idea of going back to work after just leaving work is awful. But for some, the thought of being their own boss with their own business is what dreams of are made of. 
  4. Go to Camp – Summer camp isn’t just for kids anymore. There are tons of different adult camps all around the world, from spa camps and craft camps to crime scene investigation camps and more. Check out Grownupcamps.com for a list. 
  5. Take a Sabbatical – Instead of retiring completely, just take a sabbatical. Many people are choosing to take 6 months or a few years off of work to rest, but then jumping back into employment afterward. 
  6. Seasonally Relocate – Head south for the winter, north for the summer, or even east or west just for fun. You can buy a vacation home to enjoy the best of your home base and someplace new, or you can try a house swap website to try out a new city temporarily while saving some money. You can also save money while seasonally traveling by getting a seasonal job. Check out sites like Coolworks.com for ideas. 
  7. Show off Your Green Thumb – Working outdoors is fun, and potentially good for you. Some studies have shown that gardening can actually add years to your lifespan. You can grow vegetables, flowers, or a little bit of both. 
  8. Write a Book – Write anything that makes you happy, from a how-to book to a crime novel. Amazon offers self-publishing options, or you can try traditional publishing. 
  9. Teach – Teaching is very fulfilling, whether you’re teaching at a traditional institution, or one of the places with teacher shortages. You can also teach in more out of the box ways like creating your own online course through sites like Udemy, or becoming a tutor through platforms like Wyzant
  10. Volunteer – Giving back feels good, and is good for you, according to a study done by the Center for Social Development
  11. Remodel – Spend some time making your house your dream home, whether by upgrading your HVAC system or adding to your kitchen. 

Downsize – Conversely, you can find a new home in which to retire. Don’t know where to go? Check out articles like this one from Forbes, and this one from Kiplinger with lists of the best places to retire.