100-Year-Olds Role Models: Live Your Best Life

Author: AB Staff

100-Year-Olds Role Models: Live Your Best Life

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You’ve already read all about how to live to be 100. If not, you can catch up on those articles here, here or even here. But what do you do if you follow that advice and end up living to be 100?

Orville Rogers is a 100-year-old track star that routinely breaks records. Tao Porchon-Lynch is another centenarian that wows younger generations by teaching yoga and rocking vibrant clothing. Both of these amazing humans are shining examples of not only how to live to be 100, but how to make the most of your long years on this earth.

The following is a list of advice from Rogers and Porchon-Lynch regarding how they live their best 100-year-old lives:

  • Expect the Unexpected – This piece of advice is true for all aspects of life. For starters, today’s centenarians didn’t have the Internet when they were growing up, but the successful ones have embraced these modern changes. Also, the financial world and ways of saving are constantly in flux. Not to mention that real life never works out the way you planned, from retiring early to health problems and everything in between. The only sure-fire way to be prepared for a long life, and to enjoy that long life, is to expect the unexpected and, once it happens, course correct.
  • Ditch the Present Bias – One of the biggest mental hurdles humans have to overcome is “present bias”, or the tendency to put more weight on what’s happening now versus what will happen in the future. While it’s good to stay in the moment and enjoy your present, it’s also vital to plan for the future if you want to enjoy it.
  • Aggressively Invest – Modern centenarians and financial experts both agree that the retirees and elder generations of tomorrow need to be aggressive with their investments to beat inflation and have enough money saved for a stress-free long life. If you’re saving for the long haul, you need an aggressive stock allocation of up to 55%. Experts also advice adding Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities to your portfolio as well to add even more inflation protection. It’s hard to enjoy your 100 years if you’re stressed about money.
  • Guarantee an Income – In a similar vein, the centenarians of today, like Rogers and Porchon-Lynch, say that having a guaranteed income goes a long way to enjoying life. Unfortunately, the centenarians of tomorrow won’t have former employer pensions to fall back on. In fact, only 2% of employees reported having a pension in 2014. Social Security isn’t a good fall back either. What should you do instead? Buy your own pension with an annuity. Choose a deferred income annuity, the cheapest way to ensure you won’t out life your money. You can see a concrete example of how the math checks out with an online annuity calculator.
  • Stay Enthusiastic – The biggest piece of advice both Porchon-Lynch and Rogers have is to stay enthusiastic about life. Both agree that their attitudes have played a large part in their long, happy lives. Science agrees, too. Doctors refer to this as compression of morbidity, or the idea that healthy behaviors and mindsets can shorten the time between debilitating chronic illness and death.

It’s not easy to live to be 100, but if you listen to this advice from Orville Rodgers and Tao Porchon-Lynch, it will be fun.

How will you live your best life at age 100? Comment below to tell us. Keep an eye out for more age-related articles and tips.