Do What You Want!

Ever stop yourself from doing something you passionately wanted to do because of ageism biases? You can set new visions for your life by not

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Sabbaticals vs. GROWTHH Time

Historically, there are two-time occasions when people take time off from one’s regular work-life routine, and they are different. Today’s “Great Resignation” – the phrase

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Schwartz, Ponterio & Levenson, PLLC offers consultations to people throughout the New York metropolitan area needing help in legal malpractice, criminal defense, or other practice areas.

Our firm is dedicated to providing you with quality estate planning resources, so you can become familiar with all of the existing options. When you visit or call our office, we want you to feel comfortable discussing such an important issue concerning both you and your family.

I’m passionate about reinventing midlife. My love and desire is to guide and empower you to make positive changes in your life now you’ve reached midlife.