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What Does Your Future Self Look Like?

The 6 Essentials of a Fulfilling Life

In a simpler world, work-life balance was the goal. In the elongated life, we need to consider six essential areas of life, individually and collectively.  Life fulfillment results from the tradeoffs you make between them; integrate them into a lifelong, holistic balance. 


Physical and mental (cognitive, emotional and social).
Focus: Fitness freedom


Earnings, expenses, savings & capital growth.
Focus: Financial independence


Friendship, love and connection. Focus: Long-term happiness


Contribute beyond ourselves through work, charity, legacy etc.
Focus: Meaningfulness


Autonomy, learning, leisure and personal growth.
Focus: Joy and flow


Use past, present and future to pace life's journey.
Focus: Create your future self.

The 5 Stages of Adulthood


Identify your values and priorities. Explore and experiment with career. Address the 6 fundamentals: health, wealth, relationships, purpose, passion and time-pacing.


You’ve made initial decisions and you’re investing in specific careers, relationships, etc. You’re developing a lifestyle:  starting a family, joining a community and building a career and developing your brand, etc.


You may continue on your path, helping the children grow-up, advancing your career and engaging in passion and purpose. Or, internal and external changes may lead you including new careers, relationships, families, etc.


Confront the “Retirement Conundrum”. Do you follow the norm of stopping work at 65 or continue on the same or new purpose/passion-driven paths? With 20-30 more years, it’s your choice. 


It’s time to start optimizing your health, wealth and relationships. What passions and purposes do you want to fulfill, especially health, relationships and legacy in the time remaining. 

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