We all want to lead a fulfilling future. That’s why planning is important.

Age Brilliantly is a community platform to help you

make better decisions and plan for your next stages of life.

What Does Your Future Self Look Like?

1. Aging is a natural development process that starts at birth; throughout your life journey focus on growth.

2. Be true to yourself and live your values; don’t be limited by the birthdate and ageist norms that began generations ago.

3. Define what fulfillment means for you now and for your future-self; monitor and update your views regularly and use changing definitions as a learning experience.

4. Invest in your 6 Life Essentials; make wise choices based on your values and make inevitable tradeoffs both now and between the present and your future desires.

5. Live intentionally by connecting with your future-self and being proactive; when possible, engage in activities that compound to generate exponential results for the future.

6. Change is a constant throughout your life and world history; be vigilant for the need to respond; then thoughtfully transitioning to new opportunities and savor your next phase of life.

7. Be a life-long learner who makes informed decisions; share your insight and serve as a role model to inspire and support others who also want to maximize their 100+ year lives.

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Fulfilling Future Planning

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Fulfilling Future Planning


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Do you want to lead a fulfilling future? That's why planning is important.

Join our community and learn how to make better decisions to lead a fulfilling 100-year life.