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Will we be forced to learn crypto if the dollar fails?

If the dollar one day fails, do you think we'd be forced to use cryptocurrency going forward? I sure hope not, because I hate the idea of having to move on to that. But with the way the US dollar is these days, I don't know what could happen.

I don't think the dollar will fail like that. If the dollar falls, it just loses its worth and goes down in price. It doesn't mean we'll jump to crypto. It wouldn't make sense for the government to even allow that to happen. They need to be able to monitor your money anyway, and I don't think the government can keep track of crypto like they can with the dollar.

Yeah that's not going to happen. Crypto may be popular and growing, but I don't think the US dollar would die. And if it did, the US government wouldn't move on to crypto. They would have to figure out a way to fix it if anything.