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Should you have just one meal a day?

Should we try to do 1 meal a day? I heard of a diet called the OMAD diet, it's exactly what you think, it is called the One Meal a Day diet, and many people do it. I have considered it, but I don't know if I can handle eating just one meal a day and fasting the rest. But could you handle it? Would you do it to help you lose weight?

That depends on you and what you should eat. For some people, one meal a day is possible, but it's not recommended for most people. If you're already healthy, I think it's a good option to keep your health in order. I have never tried doing one meal a day, but I have eaten 2 meals a day for a few months now and I have lost a lot of weight and still get a good amount of food in.

If you can't do one meal, try to do just two then.