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Roth IRA worth investing in?

Should I invest into a Roth IRA? I guess you can add up to $6,000 a year, so I'm excited about that. Do you think it's worth it to get started later in life?

For sure. Roth IRAs are a good thing to invest in, as you aren't obligated to pay any taxes on the money in there, and it can give you a tax cut for putting money in there each year. One thing I found though, is that there is a limit to how much you can put in each year, but that's okay. It's only like $6000 a year or so. But still, not bad. That would build up a lot over the years.

Also I should note, that the money you put in, is already taxed, so it can't be taxed again. Wanted to bring that up just in case.