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How to befriend a bully

I have had my share of history with bullies. I've been bullied and I'll admit, I have bullied myself. I'm not proud of it, but I am human and learn from those mistakes. I was also a kid back then, so I have grown a lot over the years. Anyway, how do you befriend someone who is a bully? There is this person who lives near us and he has kinda been an adult bully. He says dumb and offensive things towards my husband and I, and I want to figure out why he has to be that way. And maybe get to a point where we can be friends and not have to hear that nonsense. How do you go about something like this?

Sometimes it's just best to be honest and let them know what you feel. Let them know you hate when he does that, and if he doesn't stop they won't come out to where they are. Some people don't understand that the way they act isn't something everyone likes or appreciates. So you sometimes have to change the way you act around some people.