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Finding purpose in family

I found my purpose in my family. I think it's my job to be there for my family, to help and protect them, as well as work towards helping them achieve a better future. I think I would be lost if I didn't have my family. It's really my purpose, to raise my children and make them great human beings. But it's not just that. My work also brings me purpose, but I feel my family brings me the most.

Family is a very big aspect of my life. From my own children, to my parents, brother and sister, family is very big in my life. I would probably be lost too if my family wasn't a big part of me. In fact I tend to rely on my family a lot. My children are very important, but I wouldn't say I'm a stay at home mom. I have my own job, but I also take a lot of time to devote to the family. So yeah, I find purpose with my family for sure.