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Do you still carry cash, or have you gone completely card based?

I currently don't use cash a whole lot. Haven't used cash in quite a while. I will sometimes take out cash for food, car repairs and more, but other than that I mostly use my debit cards or credit cards to make payments and order things. What is your preference? Have you found that you are starting to see more use with cards instead of cash? Or do you prefer the security that comes with using just cash?

Honestly, not that much. I have cash on me sometimes, but I prefer to carry my card instead. I feel more protection there as well, because cash, you can be robbed. With a card, you can cancel it soon after and be fine. That's one reason I don't really carry cash. Is because i did live in a rough area growing up, so I was taught to keep my eyes open, and to never carry a lot of cash in case someone does try to rob from you.