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Do you have life insurance?

Do you guys have life insurance? I have gotten life insurance on myself, so that in the case of my death, my family is covered from funeral and burial costs. I also have a plot of land set up for when I will be buried. Do you have your life in order like this? Where when you die, no one will be forced to pay any costs.

If you don't, why haven't you gotten life insurance?

I have life insurance. I don't want my family to struggle in the time of my death. No one should be forced to spend tons of money on putting me in the ground. But yeah, if you don't have it, I recommend getting life insurance when you can, because waiting until the last minute isn't good either.

I currently do not, but have been looking into it in recently. I was watching a movie recently and someone young died. It reminded me that I should get life insurance so that if I die, I don't put a massive fee on my family. Which sucks, because the government should be responsible for burying you. That's my opinion at least.