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Do you have any investments in a company or other things?

Do you have any investments in a company or any other thing? I wish I had investments out there, but sadly I do not. I have been looking to invest into some business and companies, but I could never push myself to actually invest. I mean, it's tough to invest in just anything, so you have to be cautious. Anyway, do you have any investments? What made you invest? How long do you plan to invest?

I never invested into a company or business, but I would give it a shot if I had the money. Right now I don't have the money to waste on investments. If I did, I have a few ideas about companies I'd like to invest in. But I don't know when I would be able to achieve that goal. One day I would love to become an investor.

I have tried to invest in the past, but my knowledge on investing is very limited. I want to learn and invest in a bunch of things, but I need to learn a lot yet to get to that point. I have ideas of places and companies I'd like to invest in, but have yet to push myself to actually do it. I don't like taking risks as you can tell.